Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention
Posted by Ron Briglia on March 9, 2016 in Dentures & Partials

Caring for your dentures involves a bit more thought than simply removing them at night and letting them soak in a glass while you sleep. If you have dentures, your dentist has no doubt discussed with you about their proper care and handling. In a very real sense, your dentures are your real teeth, and […]

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When Does a Tooth Need to be Extracted?
Posted by Ron Briglia on March 3, 2016 in Dental Surgery, Preventive Dentistry

Although there are many reasons for pulling a tooth, only your dentist can make that determination. Even the common practice of extracting wisdom teeth is not always necessary, and a toothache does not automatically spell the need for extraction. There are several reasons your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction: If a tooth is damaged […]

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Joan Hill
I was dealing with a dental phobia when I started seeing Dr. Briglia a couple of years ago. I received not only patience and support, but also pain-fr…

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