Floss Around that Permanent Retainer or Risk Bigger Problems
Posted by Ron Briglia on August 31, 2015 in Oral Hygiene, Preventive Dentistry

Sometimes, the harder something is to do, the more important it is just to grit your teeth and do it. Flossing around a permanent retainer — that fixed wire that is installed behind lower teeth once the braces are removed — falls in that “just do it” category. Ignoring your dentist’s advice in this case […]

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Dr. Briglia’s Perfect Smile Design Factors
Posted by Ron Briglia on August 21, 2015 in Cosmetic Dentistry

This dental article is about the important concepts of designing a smile. It involves certain factors, rules and parameters that the patient and their dentist must review and understand to ensure a successful cosmetic result. This article came about after I answered a question from a cosmetic patient. The female patient had just completed a […]

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